Lagarto HTML parsers suite

Java libraries for HTML/XML parsing

Lagarto Suite is the family of HTML/XML parsers written in Java. It consists of the following libraries:

  1. LagartoParser is an all-purpose fast and versatile event-based HTML parser. You can use it to modify or analyze some markup content, allowing you to assemble custom complex transformations and code analysis tools quickly. It is performant and follows the rules of the official HTML specification.

  2. LagartoDom builds a DOM tree in memory from the input. You can manipulate a tree more conveniently, with minor performance sacrifice.

  3. Jerry is a "jQuery in Java" - you can use the familiar syntax of JavaScript library inside of Java to parse and manipulate HTML.

  4. CSSelly - finally, the parser of CSS3 selectors.

Each of the Lagarto libraries has its pros and cons. You should check each and use one that suits your requirements.

Lagarto parsers are compatible with Java 8 and newer.


The code is released under the BSD-2-Clause license. It has a minimal set of dependencies with the same or similarly open license, so you should be able to use it in any project and for any purpose.

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