List of events emitted during the parsing

During the parsing, LagartoParser calls various callback methods of provided TagVisitor implementation.

start() & end()

Invoked before and after the content is parsed.


Callback invoked on a block of plain text.

Note that text() is called for all text blocks, including the whitespaces and indentations.


Invoked on an HTML comment. The argument contains the comment content, without the tag boundaries.


Callback invoked foo all HTML tags: open, close, or an empty tag. The argument is a Tag instance, containing various information about the tag: tags name, attributes, depth level, etc.

Tag instance is reused during HTML parsing for better performances! The same Taginstance is passed to all callback methods and for every detected HTML tag. Do not store it internally!

script(Tag, CharSequence)

Invoked on all script tags. The callback method receives the script Tag instance and the script body.


Callback for the doctype tag.

xml() and cdata()

These two callbacks are invoked for XML-specific tags when parsing the XML content.


Every error is reported by visiting this method. Depending on the configuration, the error message would contain the exact error position or not.

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