jQuery in Java

Jerry is a jQuery in Java - fast and focused Java library that simplifies parsing, traversing and manipulating the HTML content, using the same methods and syntax as the jQuery.

Look, it's really cool:

Jerry doc = Jerry.of("<html><div id='jodd'><b>Hello</b> Jerry</div></html>");
doc.s("div#jodd b").css("color", "red").addClass("ohmy");

The (formatted) output will be:

    <div id="jodd">
        <b style="color:red;" class="ohmy">Hello</b> Jerry

I tried to keep Jerry API identical to the jQuery as much as possible. In some cases, you can simply copy some jQuery code and paste it in Java - and it will work! Of course, there are some differences due to the different nature of the platforms.

The well-known jQuery method $() is renamed tos() in Jerry. The reason is compatibility with different JVMs: GraalVM, for example, does not allow usage of $ in method names.

If you don't like the s() method, use the find() alternative.

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